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Storm the Hill

“If I can make it so another veteran doesn't have to encounter the same stress and frustration I encountered, then I feel like I'm doing my part to make the transition for new transitioning veterans better.”

—Tracey Cooper-Harris

IAVA Leadership Fellow

Be the voice of your generation

Storm the Hill is IAVA’s signature leadership development program. Over the years, it has grown from a handful of veterans walking the hall’s of Congress into an annual event placing Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in more than 100 meetings with our nation’s leaders.

Stormers have successfully fought for better body armor, secured advanced funding for VA health care, and continuously strengthened the New GI Bill. When IAVA Storms the Hill, our leaders listen. When IAVA brings our members to Washington, DC, they not only advocate on behalf of their peers they earn a sense of fulfillment in giving back.

This year alone Storm the Hill garnered nearly 500 million media hits in our effort to combat suicide by passing life-saving suicide prevention legislation that increases veterans access to care and the VA’s ability to handle our returning veterans.

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Ann Weeby Negotiationg at STH

“I am a more confident and effective leader because of my participation as a Stormer.”

— Ann Weeby
Storm the Hill 2014

“Quite frankly, The Storm the Hill experience changed my life for the better and injected a passion back into my life that went missing after I retired.”

— Jim Reed
Storm the Hill 2014