Jared Pollard

Branch: Army
Years Served: 2004-2013
Rank: Specialist
Military Occupation: 19D Cavalry Scout, then 68W Medic
Twitter Handle: @jpollard04

Tell us a little about you outside of the military:

  • After leaving the Army, I started working in law enforcement. I completed my BS degree in Criminal Justice.
  • I have since left law enforcement and am now working full time as a paramedic for the local 911 service in my area.

Why are you joining the IAVA Cavalry?

  • I feel I owe it to those that can’t represent themselves for any reason.
  • I have lost friends to mental health issues as well as to being lost in the system with the broken VA. I want to help make a change to prevent losing any more of our veterans.

How did your military experience shape you to be the person you are today?

  • The military taught me discipline and honor, as well as several other positive traits. I have made many decisions, some good some not so good, because of my experience in the military. I have learned from all of them, and they have made me the person I am today — I have no regrets.

Which one of IAVA’s policy priorities for you believe is the most pressing? Why?

  • Modernizing the VA is very pressing. Veterans are unable to get timely help with medical or other benefits. This is resulting in the deaths of veterans.
  • I view the outdated VA as one of the primary causes of the veteran suicide epidemic. Veterans who do seek help do not receive it in a timely manner or may have to navigate numerous pages of
    bureaucratic red tape to get told they didn’t do something correctly and must start all over again. This is beyond unacceptable.

Which one of IAVA’s policy priorities do you have the strongest personal connection to? Why?

  • I have the strongest personal connection to suicide prevention. I have struggled with mental health issues in the past and have learned to cope with better, healthier mechanisms.
  • I have lost friends to the battle within, and I promised myself to
    never allow it to happen to another veteran if I have the power to help.


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