Charles L. Brembry, II

Branch: Air Force
Years Served: 1996-2017
Rank: SMSgt
Military Occupation: Contracting
Twitter Handle: @CLBrembry

Tell us a little about you outside of the military:

  • Since I retired in 2017 I have held several positions in commercial companies dealing with contracts. 
  • In my spare time I love to travel and spend time with my family.

Why are you joining the IAVA Cavalry? 

  • I’m joining the IAVA Cavalry because I want to do something to improve the lives of my fellow Iraq & Afghanistan veterans.  We are facing some serious issues that need to be addressed, and I believe IAVA is the organization to bring these issues to the forefront to get the legislation we deserve.

How did your military experience shape you to be the person you are today? 

  • Being a member of the Air Force for over 20 years taught me many valuable skills and lessons.  It gave me the successful career I have today.  It ingrained in me a strong since of discipline and dedication to something larger than myself.  I shaped me into being a leader, but more important than that, it showed me how to be a valuable team member.

Which one of IAVA’s policy priorities for you believe is the most pressing? Why? 

  • Combating suicide is a huge issue for me. We are losing too many brothers and sisters daily to suicide. I would like to see more being done to save the lives of veterans and get them help before they take their lives.

Which one of IAVA’s policy priorities do you have the strongest personal connection to? Why? 

  • Burn Pits and Toxic exposures have the strongest personal connection with me.
  • In 2014 I had an unprovoked pulmonary embolism and I have never smoked a day in my life. Since they could never determine a clear cause, I have always suspected it was due to my exposure to burn pits in both Iraq & Afghanistan. 
  • For months we dumped stuff at the burn pits, inhaled the smoke and no one ever warned us of the potential dangers.  Our veterans who are suffering from the effects of burn pits deserve to be seen and treated for all issues related to exposure.


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