Sarah Letts

Storm the Hill 2020

Sarah (Murrieta, CA) served as a 35D/G Intelligence Officer in the United States Army until 2013. She deployed multiple times during her service and has been plagued with not only the physical wounds of war but the invisible ones as well. These mental injuries caused some issues in her personal life but she has come out on the other side, positive and ready to improve her life. She says that the use of Medicinal Cannabis has changed her life and she is able to function happily without the use of the prescription drugs that she was prescribed before. Sarah is Storming the Hill because she feels as a female combat veteran, who is dealing with/has dealt with suicidal thoughts, cannabis usage, the lack of services for women at the VA, Military Sexual Trauma, and the lasting physical damage of Burn Pits, she has a lot of experience with our #Big6. She is now at a point in her recovery where she can use her story to make a difference for those still struggling. Follow Sarah on Twitter.

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