IAVA Data Center

IAVA Data Center

IAVA uses real data to drive the development of scalable solutions to benefit veterans and their families. With the best data in the business, IAVA and QRF produce best-in-class data-centered research. Our careful analysis of the member survey and continuous surveillance of data about service members, veterans and their families informs the development of IAVA’s advocacy campaigns and programs.

We Engage Our Members

Our members are a critical part of our advocacy work. IAVA leverages the power of our membership through an in-depth member survey and through frequent flash polls.

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We Are A Think Tank

IAVA creates innovative solutions to address the challenges facing veterans, and we regularly publish research reports that provide even deeper insight into these issues.

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We Create Change

IAVA’s uses real data to drive scalable solutions to benefit veterans and their families.

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We Engage Our Members

All of IAVA’s work starts with our members. We regularly survey our members about the challenges they face, their goals for the future, and the current status of the programs meant to serve them. These surveys have one of the largest samples of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and provide us with an enormous amount of data that guides all the work we do on their behalf. IAVA is the only organization with a research program focused exclusively on all the issues facing veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Our team is constantly watching the trends, identifying new challenges, and creating policy solutions and programs to help this generation of veterans succeed.

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IAVA regularly surveys and polls our membership. Join now if you’d like to participate. Membership is always free!

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We Are a Think Tank

We design innovative solutions. IAVA doesn’t just identify the challenges facing veterans, we create innovative solutions to address them. IAVA regularly publishes research reports that provide even deeper insight into solutions for issues facing military families.

We Create Change

Our members are a critical part of our advocacy work. Their stories put a face on veterans’ issues, and they are more than ready to contact their Member of Congress to advocate on behalf of veterans and their families. Our member survey results direct our Policy Agenda, which lays out our vision statement of what policies stakeholders should pursue to better the lives of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. IAVA educates veterans and their families about the ways new legislation in Washington can impact their lives through our website, and social media.

How did IAVA help create the 988 hotline?

The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act (S. 2661) designates 9-8-8 as the national suicide prevention and mental health crisis hotline, helping individuals and families, including veterans, who are experiencing mental health distress to easily access immediate help and resources. IAVA worked diligently as Advocates to get this done.

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