IAVA's Virtual Veterans Day March

This year IAVA is reinventing Veterans Day. The IAVA SAV March is a first of its kind virtual parade across this beautiful country.

On November 11th, all of our mini parades combined will virtually take us from coast to coast for a combined 2.093 miles.

Grab your flags, invite your friends, and make plans now.


IAVA Ethos

Our Core Values

Mission First

Integrity Always

Everyone Is Welcome

Respect Must Be Paid

Lead in Service

Attitude + Effort = Victory

Make the Juice Worth the Squeeze

We Are the Changemakers

Keep It Fun (Don’t Be an Asshole)

Think of the Children

Win the Day

Support Veterans Today

Our country has an obligation to fulfill its promise to honor and support vets. Make a donation today to help IAVA fulfill its mission to connect, unite, and empower post-9/11 veterans.