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IAVA’s members have identified 6 priority issues that matter most to them.

Cannabis & Other Alternative Therapies

IAVA believes that veterans should have the same access to care as their civilian counterparts.


Veterans have passionately stated that medical cannabis has helped them tackle some of the most pressing war injuries veterans face, such as PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury. As cannabis quickly becomes more culturally acceptable, IAVA believes that the VA should be allowed to study cannabis as an alternative therapy to determine its efficacy for the unique needs of veteran health care.

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Other Alternative Therapies

Cannabis is not the only therapy that could be proven effective to treat unique veteran health issues, especially the invisible wounds of war. Some other alternative therapies already widely available to civilians are:

Therapy/Service Dogs
Equine therapy
Agri Therapy
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Other Alternative Therapies 101

Why alternative therapies?

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Up to Speed: Other Alternative Therapies

Why are alternative therapies important?

For years, IAVA members have sounded off in support of researching medical cannabis for use in treating the wounds of war. As well, during this time a variety of alternative therapies have been developed for the same purposes.

Veterans have consistently and passionately communicated that they’ve found that other alternative therapies, such as equine therapy and agri therapy, offer effective help in tackling some of the most pressing injuries faced when returning from war. Frequently, alternative therapies take the place of addictive prescription drugs. Yet, many of these alternative modalities are not currently being incorporated into VA care.

IAVA insists that, where there are proven alternative therapies available to their civilian counterparts, veterans should have access to the same standard of care through the VA.

Why Alternative Therapies?

What are service dogs and therapy dogs?

What is equine therapy?

What is Agri Therapy?

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How is IAVA fighting?

IAVA is working hard with other groups and leaders to ensure that those who fought for our country are treated with the same quality of health care that is available to their civilian counterparts. Learn about our current proposed legislation below and take action.


IAVA is fighting hard to enact the bipartisan VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act (S. 326/ H.R. 1003) that states that the VA can conduct research into the efficacy of medical cannabis as a treatment for veterans with chronic pain, PTSD, and other conditions.

The policies that exclude this therapy are outdated, research is lacking, and stigma persists. IAVA has set out to change that and launch a national conversation underscoring the need for bipartisan, data-based solutions that can bring relief to millions.


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We can’t do this alone, we need your support to ensure the VA provides alternative therapies to veterans who gave everything for this country.



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