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IAVA Launches “Cavalry” to Take Membership and Leadership Efforts to the Next Level 

When IAVA Members Become a part of IAVA’s Cavalry, They’ll Become a Part of IAVA’s Legacy of Leading 

January 10, 2024

Washington, DC – Today, in conjunction with IAVA’s effort to recruit the next cohort of IAVA’s members who we’ll bring to Washington, DC this spring, we’ve launched IAVA’s Cavalry – a new way to talk about IAVA’s advocate and leadership training programs that help IAVA Members leverage their stories, raise their voices, and advocate for change both nationally and back in their communities at home. 

“We are doubling down on our membership and developing our member leaders under my tenure as IAVA’s CEO,” said IAVA CEO Allison Jaslow. “That’s what IAVA’s Cavalry is all about. We’re investing in training our best and brightest and counting on them to help lead us forward at a time when our country needs veteran leadership more than ever. And as IAVA has a long legacy of doing, when we call in our cavalry, lawmakers and the media alike will listen.” 

IAVA Members who are interested in joining IAVA’s Cavalry should apply to be a part of our new cohort that we’ll be bringing to Washington, DC, in March to train to be best-in-class advocates and facilitate meetings with lawmakers and other key public policy stakeholders. The details on how to apply can be found here, and the deadline to apply is January 21st.

Once selected and trained to be a part of IAVA’s Cavalry, IAVA may also lean on this elite cohort of our membership to: 

  • Be a voice in the media and speak to news outlets about an issue that matters to you 
  • Represent IAVA at an event in your local community 
  • Provide leadership to other veteran-advocates by getting an exclusive opportunity to receive additional training and exposure to Washington by becoming an “IAVA Leadership Fellow” 

IAVA is the voice for the post-9/11 veteran generation. With over 425,000 veterans and allies nationwide, IAVA is the leader in non-partisan veteran advocacy and public awareness. We drive historic impacts for veterans. Join the movement at


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