Quick Reaction Force FAQ

IAVA’s Quick Reaction Force (QRF) is here for veterans and veteran family members in need, no matter the challenge. We’ve provided answers to many of the questions we’ve received about QRF below.

How QRF Helps

If you’re a veteran or a veteran family member facing transition-related challenges or have questions, QRF can help by providing 24/7 peer support and connections to quality resources so you can get back on your feet and meet your goals.

The Need

There are over 40,000 veteran-specific resources in America today. The VA and DoD are overly complicated bureaucracies and can be incredibly frustrating to navigate. When facing a crisis, finding the right professionals and resources shouldn’t be the hardest part. QRF provides support and empowers you to succeed.

The QRF Model

IAVA’s Quick Reaction Force is a referral service with an intensive remote care management component. Our high-tech, high-touch, strength based model of care management provides support and helps connect veterans with the benefits they’ve earned and the resources they need to meet their goals. We work with our clients remotely via email and phone and we are available 24/7/365.

Care Management

Our Veteran Care Managers utilize a strength based perspective in their approach. They are trained to carefully consider your needs and look at your care plan holistically. Our Veteran Care Managers understand the issues you’re facing and know the resources to help deal with them. We provide support and encouragement, follow up with clients and referral partners, advocate on your behalf and connect you with any relevant resources you may need. By working with us, you are getting access to a dedicated Veteran Care Manager who will work with you on resolving whatever issue you may be facing and connecting you with relevant services in your area. Before making any referral, we verify your eligibility and we work with you every step of the way.

Intake Information

We’ve designed our intake process to collect only the most relevant information we need in order to better assist you, make referrals and to best understand your needs. All of your responses are confidential and you may remain anonymous if desired.

Eligibility Requirements

We work with any and all U.S. veterans of any era, location or discharge status.

Family Members

QRF works with both veterans and their family members. And we define family as anyone in a veteran’s life who is seeking help for themselves or a veteran.

Financial Assistance

QRF is here to provide immediate connections to organizations that provide direct financial assistance for veterans and families. QRF Veteran Care Managers will assess financial needs, collect relevant eligibility information and provide swift connections to the right resources. QRF is often able to help our clients receive financial assistance for emergencies such as rent, utilities, car payments and insurance, groceries and basic supplies, medical bills, vehicle and home repairs and more. QRF also provides essential financial coaching, budgeting assistance, and resources to ensure that our clients are able to maintain financial stability and health for the long term.

Mental Health

Access to quality mental health resources is a top priority for QRF. Our Veteran Care Managers work diligently to ensure that every veteran that reaches out to us has the support that they need and deserve. We understand that developing a plan for addressing mental health needs can be different for every individual so we approach care plans in an individualized and holistic manner. Whether it’s accessing care in or outside of the VA system, we make it our number one priority to ensure that our clients have access to quality care. We refer to local and national nonprofits for counseling, therapy and alternative therapies, and we advocate within the VA system and make critical connections to Vet Centers, the Cohen Veterans Network and Headstrong Project to name a few. Whatever your mental health need is, QRF will advocate for you so that you’re not alone and you have support and a solid plan in place for long term stability and health.

Housing & Homelessness

QRF is here for any veteran and family member who is currently homeless or at risk of homelessness. QRF works closely with VA housing programs as well as both local and national programs to ensure that every veteran has swift access to quality shelter and safe housing options. QRF has stepped in to prevent hundreds of evictions and has come through for thousands of clients that required emergency financial assistance in order to remain housed. Loss of housing is typically a very multifaceted issue and often involves unemployment/under-employment, financial hardship or lack of mental health resources, to name a few. We will assess your situation and make the appropriate referrals which best suit your needs. Our goal is to find immediate short-term solutions, and also to carve out a path toward long-term self-sustainability.


Legal issues can be complicated, confusing and incredibly overwhelming. At QRF we understand the strain and stress of trying to locate legal help. We work closely with county and state bar associations, state and federal legal organizations and private attorneys to ensure that we meet the needs of our clients’ varying legal issues. Whether it’s related to criminal charges, civil cases, family law, eviction court, substance abuse issues, discharge upgrades, or anything else, we work diligently to make connections to the best possible legal representation.

Disability Claims

QRF Veteran Care Managers have a significant amount of knowledge and expertise with the VA disability claims process and we will walk you through the steps and what to expect. We recommend utilizing a certified Veteran Service Officer to assist with submitting the proper paperwork and can provide connections for our clients. We work closely with Wounded Warrior Project and many other VSOs so our clients can get hands-on assistance filing claims.

Education Benefits

Accessing and utilizing education benefits can be a confusing process. QRF is here to help. We can walk you through the process and tell you exactly how to get the most out of the education benefits you’ve already earned. If you are experiencing issues with your GI Bill, we will advocate on your behalf with the VA Education Department, help you troubleshoot your benefit, and let you know what needs to be filed and where in order to successfully navigate the VA bureaucracy and resolve your case.

Employment Services

QRF Veteran Care Managers have decades of experience in assisting veterans with employment related needs. We provide guidance and support, help you expand your job search and empower you to put your best foot forward as you apply. QRF works closely with great partners like Paralyzed Veterans of America’s Operation PAVE employment programs. Our partners have strong connections with employers and will help you identify employment opportunities, review resumes, conduct interview and salary negotiations prep, and provide other vocational services as well.

Navigating & Accessing VA benefits

QRF understands that navigating and accessing VA benefits can be an incredibly difficult task. Our Veteran Care Managers are skilled at ensuring that all of our clients have information on eligibility requirements for all VA programs and benefits. And we engage in fierce advocacy to ensure that veterans receive timely appointments and follow-up and that they have access to quality services and care teams within the VA. Through QRF, we have solved benefits-related issues for thousands of clients, helping them get the very most out of VA care and earned benefits.

What's the number for QRF?

In case you need the numbers that go along with 855-91RAPID, you can reach us at 855-917-2743.


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