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Assistance is available for veterans, veteran family members, Afghan allies already resettled in the U.S., and Afghan allies needing help emigrating from Afghanistan. Call 855-91RAPID today. QRF’s services are all remote and easily accessible.


QRF is here for any veteran who is currently homeless or at risk of homelessness. Our veteran care network has had success stepping in and helping prevent eviction.


There are programs designed to help no matter your need and QRF will help you get there. Our clients have had success navigating VA housing programs as well as both local and national programs ensuring access to quality shelter and safe housing options. QRF has helped prevent hundreds of evictions and has come through for thousands of clients that need this help. Loss of housing is typically a very multifaceted issue and often involves unemployment/under-employment, financial hardship or lack of mental health resources, to name a few. Our goal is to help you find immediate short-term solutions, and help you carve out a path toward long-term self-sustainability.


Roadmap to Success - What You'll Need

From our experience of over a decade of connecting veterans to the resources they need, we know you’ll need to have these items ready to protect your time and get the help you’re seeking.

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“I received an eviction notice and had no idea what to do, where to turn or how to navigate this very daunting process. I reached out to QRF and very quickly learned about the best steps to take, how to get help, who to reach out to and exactly what I needed to get me and my family out of this situation. QRF is an invaluable resource and without it, I never would have been able to access the right resources at the right time, and gain the confidence to become empowered to access help and prevent my family from becoming homeless.”

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Call 855-91-RAPID for immediate peer support.



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