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IAVA Partners with Milk Gallery to Support Veteran Centered Photography Exhibit

NEW YORK (June 21, 2016) – Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) is honored to announce its partnership with Milk Gallery to support a new exhibition by internationally renowned photographer Platon. The exhibit titled Platon: SERVICE showcases portraits of service members and their families as they traverse the joy and pain of dedicating their lives to service of their country.

“Milk Gallery is one of New York City’s most engaging and dynamic spaces for creativity and innovation and IAVA is honored that Milk will be hosting this moving exhibit that shows the reality of war both on the battlefield and back home. We are proud to be a partner in shedding light on our veterans in this creative way,” said Paul Rieckhoff, CEO and Founder of IAVA. “Platon: SERVICE vividly showcases the struggles and triumphs of the journey of a service member providing an opportunity to open a dialogue on the sacrifice of our veterans and the challenges they face before, during and after deployment.”

“It is important to give a face and a voice to the American soldier, as we seek to do every day at IAVA, and I thank Milk Gallery and Platon for their contributions to preserving this poignant time in our country’s history.”

About Milk Gallery: Milk Gallery is a contemporary gallery and cultural space specializing in photography, publishing, curatorial services, and archival management for collections and estates. The gallery presents projects and retrospectives in portraiture, reportage, moving images and installations from legendary photographers such as Burt Glinn, Thomas Hoepker and Billy Name, and contemporary photographers including Danny Clinch, Diego Uchitel and Hunter Barnes. Milk Gallery celebrates the past while looking towards the future with a sharpened artistic vision and sense of authorship.

About Platon: In SERVICE, Platon turns his lens to U.S. military personnel and their loved ones. The series spans several years and presents a visual diary of U.S. soldiers and their families before and after their tours. His work has followed soldiers’ commitment to service, which includes capturing a West Point graduation or a staged Iraqi village training, the U.S.S. San Antonio moments before setting sail and when soldiers return home to their loved ones. Platon’s photography investigates the sacrifices made by these men and women who dedicate their lives to service. Further examining what it means to be patriotic and creating provocative images without being political, the series is about human beings and their pain, courage, and uncompromising strength. SERVICE is a tribute not just to the men and women who serve, but a reminder that all of us are stakeholders in the betterment of our nation and our world, something relevant now more than ever as we approach the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

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