Morghan Cyr

Title: Special Assistant to the CEO + Special Projects Manager

At IAVA: Morghan joined IAVA in June 2023 to assist the CEO and other staff in developing and executing IAVA’s work as effectively as possible.

Professional Background: Morghan started her career in the political campaign space as a Finance Assistant and rose in leadership to the role of Finance Director in less than 1.5 years through several campaigns. She has worked throughout the East Coast, ranging from North Carolina to Pennsylvania, and on nearly every size of race, from local to federal. Her extensive fundraising background continues to inform her work at IAVA.

More about Morghan: Morghan grew up in Oklahoma and went to college at Duke University, where she studied Arabic and Political Science. While in school, she passionately pursued bettering the world around her, no matter what she was doing. She spent a lot of time in the Middle East studying Arabic and Hebrew, particularly in Jordan and Israel-Palestine, where she worked at a Jordanian nonprofit with a focus on understanding local politics.

Ask Morghan about: her coffee shop spreadsheet, what concerts she has been to recently, new music she’s found, her cat (Deacon), her recent trips, and any pieces of artwork that she has been working on.


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