No Veteran Should Have to Sacrifice Education for their Service

The Post-9/11 (or “New”) GI Bill sent more than one million veterans to school. It has both helped these veterans in their transition home and trained America’s next greatest generation to lead in tech startups, Fortune 500 corporations, nonprofits, and at every level of government across the country. 

Though wildly successful, the New GI Bill has been exploited by predators in the for-profit school sector, who take advantage of these benefits and leave veterans stuck with unnecessary debt and a subpar education. Congress must close the loopholes that reward these bad actors and strengthen regulations that help veterans choose the best educational programs to meet their career goals. 

We cannot let the practices of some for-profit schools put the New GI Bill in jeopardy. IAVA is committed to defending the GI Bill from these predatory institutions in order to give both the veterans and the taxpayers the best possible return on investment.

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