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IAVA | September 3, 2016

Read: Veteran Financial Success: Q&A with Douglas McCormick (Part III)

In the final post of our three-part series with Douglas McCormick–veteran, Team RWB board member and author of the new book FAMILY INC.–we talk about the unique characteristics that make the military community primed for financial success. McCormick also shares how he is supporting veterans across the country.

What skills do service members, veterans and their families possess that make them well-suited to achieve financial security?

The life skills and values that veterans develop such as work ethic, leadership, teamwork, communication skills and self-confidence also make them well-suited to achieve financial security. By leveraging their experiences in the service to develop valuable labor skills, they can create significant wealth as an employee or entrepreneur. However, family financial security is a team sport, so veterans must be sure to use their leadership, teamwork and communications skills to ensure the entire family is working toward to same goal of financial security.

You are donating thousands of books to veteran and student veteran service organizations and are also donating 100% of your royalties to veteran causes through Veterans Day. Why?

FAMILY INC. is intended to empower every American with the tools required to achieve financial independence. However, as a veteran Army officer, I am also using the book to empower the veteran community with financial education. Most Americans appreciate the sacrifices our service members have made for our country, but few understand the unique financial challenges our veterans face while serving, upon career transition to the civilian workforce and upon retirement. These service members are incredibly talented, have exceptional life experiences and a “can do” attitude—they don’t need our charity. However, they do need opportunities to prove themselves and assistance with effectively redeploying their skills to a new field in the civilian work force. I believe that FAMILY INC. can serve as a valuable roadmap to maximizing their opportunity and achieving financial independence, and so I have partnered with numerous veteran service organizations focused on veteran financial literacy, veteran transition and veteran empowerment.

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