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IAVA | January 20, 2017

Read: Statement from IAVA Founder Paul Rieckhoff on Inauguration

Today is an overwhelmingly emotional and historic day for our country. As the Inauguration of America’s 45th President is underway in Washington, many across the nation are extremely optimistic. Many are deeply concerned. And in our lifetime, our nation has never been more divided.

But Veterans are ready to step up.

In tough times, tough people are needed. And we are those tough people that America needs. Now more than ever.

As a member or ally in the IAVA movement, you’ve signed up to tackle the hard things. And to stay connected. You’ve committed to continuing to serve in whatever way you can. Regardless of party. No matter who is elected president. And that’s the unifying, non-partisan focus that has galvanized us to achieve massive wins together for over 12 years.

We’ve saved lives, made history, driven the national dialogue, educated millions and made friends for life.

The most important issues facing our community now (education, healthcare, employment, government reform, women’s rights) are also the most important issues facing America.

In America, we’re all in this together. And just as we’ve led our country on the front lines for the last decade and a half, IAVA members and allies will continue to lead for decades to come.

Our generation of advocates will set the example, get things done, work together, and inspire the world.

Today, many of us will celebrate. Many of us will protest.

But on Monday (after some football), we will all get to work, focused on rising above the politics to make ourselves, our families, our communities and our country better. Just as every generation of veterans before us has. Together, we are the future. And together we are #VetsRising.

What happens now in America? We do. And we’re up for the challenge. Nobody is better prepared.

Onward and upward.

To find out about more ways to get involved online and on the ground, click here.

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