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IAVA | September 28, 2016

Read: Senators Stall on Critical Vote for Veterans Before Government Shutdown

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Last week the Senate was expected to vote on a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government through December so that they can go home to campaign until election day in November. Senators failed to pass a CR because of disagreement on non-veteran issues, however, and they are now scrambling to hammer out a deal before the government shutdown deadline of September 30th.

The House tonight passed the Senate approved CR. It contains IVF funding and there are no GI Bill cuts. The CR will now be sent to the President to be signed into law. We will continue to monitor developments and place updates here.

The CR is important because it will ensure the government has funding — avoiding a shut down — and because it’s critical for two of IAVA’s top priorities:

  1. Funding for IVF at the VA:The CR includes the MilCon-VA budget which includes critical funding for IVF to help wounded warriors start or grow their families.  We are watching to ensure the Senate has IVF funding in the CR.
  2. #DefendtheGIBill: The CR is considered the last opportunity for SVAC leadership to pass the so-called Veterans First Act before Congress leaves for the election recess. Veterans First contains the $3.4 Billion cut to the New GI Bill that IAVA has successfully fought off for months, a fight that included sending over 33,000 messages to Congress. We are watching to ensure the Senate doesn’t include the GI Bill cuts in the CR.

If it passes the Senate, the CR won’t become law until the House votes on it as well, which won’t happen until after the Senate leaves town. We’ll continue to monitor the Senate floor for latest developments. You can watch the Senate floor live with us here.

Make sure to come back here for updates. We’ve got your back!

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