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IAVA | April 27, 2018

Read: RRRP Weekly Report April 20, 2018

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RRRP client quote of the week:
“[VTM’s] efforts were absolutely powerful! Besides making sure all that matters were taken care of she actually listened to me and wanted to understand what happened.”

RRRP continues to receive inquiries related to unemployment/underemployment, and requests for legal assistance relating to VA benefits issues and discharge upgrades. RRRP continues to assist veterans seeking assistance utilizing their Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits and VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) services. Emergency financial assistance needs continue to dominate requests, as many clients are struggling with basic need costs like rent, mortgage, utilities, groceries, vehicle repairs, gas, and home repairs. Many clients seeking financial assistance are also inquiring about employment support and report that their financial and employment struggles are directly related to underlying service-connected general health and mental health issues. We continue to be contacted by veterans seeking assistance submitting their initial VA disability claims or upgrades, as well as those seeking access to VA healthcare and mental health services.

Overall Impact Metrics:
Total Cases: 8,681
All Referrals: 10,305
Total Benefits Received: 2,051
RRRP Customer Service Rating: 4.61
RRRP Partner Quality Rating: 4.14
Average Client Stress Level at Intake: 4.30
Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusion: -0.68
(* On a scale of 1 to 5)

YTD 2018 Impact Metrics:
Cases: 219
Referrals: 320
Female Veterans Served: 22
Veteran Family Members Served: 6
Clients At Risk of Homelessness: 14
VCL Connections: 11
RRRP Customer Service Rating: 4.85

Case Origin:
91Rapid: 55
Email: 130
myIAVA: 30

RRRP Gender Breakdown:
79% male
21% female

RRRP Client Average Age: 40

Weekly Metrics:
New Cases This Week: 4
New Referrals This Week: 19

Top 5 Referral Areas:
Financial Assistance: 9
Housing: 3
Health Care: 2
Community: 2
Suicide & Mental Health: 1

Top 3 Programs Referred to this Week:
Salute, Inc.
CFPB Financial Coach – Tele-Coaching
Veterans Crisis Line

Referral Partner Highlight: HUD-VASH Program
The HUD-VASH program assists homeless veterans and their families through the distribution of housing vouchers. Eligibility is based on certain criteria including VA health care eligibility, homelessness status and income, with chronically homeless veterans being a target population for the program. The HUD-VASH program is a collaborative program between the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and supportive case management and clinical services through the VA. The VA and Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) work together to distribute vouchers and provide services and each VA Medical Center (VAMC) is partnered with at least one PHA, with at least one VAMC-PHA partnership operating in each state. A key component of the program is VA’s case management and supportive services. These services are designed specifically to support veterans in obtaining and sustaining permanent housing and engage in necessary treatment and other services that improve quality of life and end homelessness. The HUD-VASH program enrolls the largest number and largest percentage of veterans who have experienced long-term or repeated homelessness out of all VA homeless continuum of care programs. HUD-VASH has been instrumental in housing dozens of RRRP’s chronically homeless clients in desperate need of permanent and sustainable housing options.

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