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IAVA | October 6, 2016

Read: IAVA Advocate Shares Cool Way to Support Vets

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America advocate Bob Schwartz recently wrote a blog about a cool way people can show their support to veterans.

Schwartz says, “It is an old song, but worth repeating. Our treatment of those we have asked to fight is a national shame. If we don’t want to fight and defend, and don’t ask others to do the job for us, fine. Peace is wonderful. But once we ask, we have to provide virtually infinite support for those who answer. This should be at the top of any policy priority list, because it is a moral test, not a partisan talking point. For a grade, I’d consider giving us an E for Effort, but really, it’s more like an F.”

He went on in his blog to say if people wanted to show their support they could do so with IAVA’s Lifeline Flex:

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 2.44.15 PM

You can get your own IAVA Lifeline Flex here.

Read Schwartz’s entire blog here.

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