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IAVA | November 10, 2018

Read: Five. Million. Dollars.

Whew! What a night!

We had amazing cars, a bulldog named Maude, Stephen Colbert cracking jokes, folks in some really snazzy uniforms, and one VERY loud motorcycle. And thankfully, we had you!

Last night, you really had our back.


It was a huge night for our veterans community. Our biggest ever. Thank you for being there to support IAVA’s critical mission to connect, unite and empower our post-9/11 veterans.

For recaps and images of last night’s fun and inspiring event, check out our Facebook page or the IAVA Flickr album.  Please share them far and wide — and encourage your friends and family to join the IAVA movement before Veterans Day this Sunday.


Check out the interview of Civilian Leadership Honoree Craig Newmark and Special Guest Jeffrey Wright, who accepted the first-ever Corporate Leadership Award on behalf of HBO. In a separate interview, hear the candid words of Veteran Leadership Honoree Rob Riggle as he discusses his unique perspective as a veteran and actor/comedian.

And, in case you missed the climax of the evening, last night was transformational for IAVA… literally.  IAVA board member and 2018 Civilian Leadership Honoree, Craig Newmark, surprised all of America with a generous gift of 5 million dollars! It’s the largest single gift to IAVA in our 14-year history.


And we’re just getting started. Going “above and beyond the call”, Craig went even further and challenged other philanthropic leaders to follow his lead and help IAVA get to our target of 20 million dollars by the end of this Veterans Month. It’s an ambitious target. But the urgency, importance and scope of our mission to serve 3 million post-9/11 veterans across America requires it.

Craig’s gift will truly transform the IAVA organization and the impact we’re able to have for veterans. And it is reinforced by your contributions last night of money, time and love.

With Veterans Day this Sunday, November 11th, help us keep the momentum going!  RSVP to join us at the NYC Veterans Day parade, or join your nearest Veterans Day celebration.  Your presence and visibility as veterans and veteran allies matters now more than ever.

Whether you’re marching in the streets, or spending a quiet Sunday at home with your family, we ask that you take a moment to consider the service and sacrifice that our military brothers and sisters continue to make every day to protect this nation.  Recommit yourself to having their backs.


IAVA has never shied away from the mission of standing up for our nation’s veterans, and we never will.  Yet, we cannot continue to do the work we do without your reinforcements.

If you haven’t already, please make a donation to support our urgent mission this Veterans Day weekend.


Thank you for showing America last night that veterans are not a charity, they’re an investment.

Thanks to your support, that investment is on the rise like never before.

Onward and upward.



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