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IAVA | December 9, 2015

Read: A Reminder that all is Good!


When I returned to New York City after my service in the U.S. Army, I searched for a place to feel connected. Then I found IAVA and was so excited to help and become involved. It was a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by such a motivating group of veterans. The interesting thing was that IAVA led me on a journey to discover that I needed help just as much as the next veteran.

Throughout this journey, I found myself with a group of people that were feeling the same things that I felt and with the same passion I was carrying inside. Being able to witness amazing veteran leaders as advocates gave me the courage to get the help I was often in the dark about. Now, I am so incredibly happy and amazed at how IAVA helped me and others to believe that all can be ok.

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The best part is that I gained courage, strength and the opportunity to lead something. These traits are something veterans possess, but often misplace with fear of what will happen next. This Veterans Day in New York City reminded me of how amazing I feel today, eight years after serving this great nation. I have an amazing family and a GREAT group of friends through IAVA. My fellow veterans, no matter the branch, have the strongest connection ever and are extremely lucky because not everybody can experience something like this.

I have family, friends and a promising career – all is good!!!

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