IAVA Veterans Call for Unity After Election

NEW YORK, NY (November 9, 2016) – Today, after the conclusion of the brutal 2016 Presidential Election, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) renews its call to unite all Americans with our nation’s veterans.

“America is bigger than any election. And no matter who we voted for, we will be united on Friday and in the critical days ahead,” said IAVA Founder and CEO Paul Rieckhoff. “In the military you’re trained to stick together and to lead by example–no matter what. That’s why IAVA launched “Operation Unite America” well before the polls closed last night. Just like our military, IAVA has always been a uniting force for people of all backgrounds and political viewpoints. Our movement stands ready as an example and a conscience–especially in our nation’s toughest times. If there is one thing that may actually help bring us all together after this grueling election, it’s Veterans Day this Friday. We invite all Americans to come together with us on November 11 for Operation Unite America.”

At the IAVA Commander in Chief Forum in September, we challenged the Presidential candidates to unite together with us on Veterans Day. We again issue that challenge today. We invite them and their supporters to march with us and put patriotism ahead of politics. It will be extremely hard, but we believe that uniting around our nation’s veterans will lead our country toward a brighter, less divisive future.

“The voters have spoken and President-elect Donald Trump will soon be sworn in as our Commander in Chief. But first, we have some healing to do as a nation,” continued Rieckhoff. “Our veterans are all too familiar with rough times and now stand ready to support that healing and serve as a bridge for all Americans. Today, and every day, America can look to our veterans for inspiration, toughness and reason to have hope.”

IAVA is the leading voice of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in Washington and communities nationwide. Led by veterans, our non-partisan advocacy work ensures that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families are supported, protected and never forgotten. Since 2004, IAVA has been a juggernaut in Washington, creating and driving the national conversation on issues ranging from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to women veteran issues to veteran unemployment. IAVA’s dedicated staff in Washington, D.C. leads this work, advocating on behalf of our members daily. We also train our member veterans to be powerful advocates for their community.

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