Navigating the VA

Navigating the VA

Navigating and accessing VA benefits can be arduous. QRF’s model highlights how best to understand what to do and help you quickly rip through the red tape.


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Assistance is available for veterans, veteran family members, Afghan allies already resettled in the U.S., and Afghan allies needing help emigrating from Afghanistan. Call 855-91RAPID today or click the “Get Help Here” button to the right to fill out our digital intake form. QRF’s services are all remote and easily accessible.

QRF understands that navigating and accessing VA benefits can be an incredibly difficult task. For decades we have ensured that all of our clients have information on eligibility requirements for the most common VA programs and benefits, including the VA disability claims process. QRF has empowered veterans to solve their benefits-related issues getting the very most out of VA care and earned benefits.


Roadmap to Success - What You'll Need

From our experience of over a decade of connecting veterans to the resources they need, we know you’ll need to have these items ready to protect your time and get the help you’re seeking.

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“I have been frustrated for years by the VA system and just needed a roadmap on how to successfully access care. But I couldn’t find one. Until I found QRF. This program is amazing. It provides the exact resources, information and steps to take to get to where you need to go. And it felt really good to get the help I needed so I could accomplish the rest on my own!”

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IAVA's Policy Priorities

IAVA’s members have identified the top Policy Priorities that matter most to them.

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