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QRF is here for all veteran family members, whether you are seeking assistance for yourself, the veteran in your life or other members of your family.

QRF has worked with thousands of veteran family members and uniquely understands the importance of providing support and resources for the entire family. Whether a family member is reaching out on behalf of a veteran or is reaching out for themselves, QRF is here. We provide the necessary resources to empower the entire family to access the services and information they need to ensure long-term sustainability and success, regardless of the need.

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Assistance is available for veterans, veteran family members, Afghan allies already resettled in the U.S., and Afghan allies needing help emigrating from Afghanistan. QRF’s services are all remote and easily accessible.

Call 855-91RAPID today or click the “Get Help Here” button to fill out our digital intake form and be contacted within 24 hours.



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Creating your will or trust is an important step in protecting the people and causes you care about. IAVA has partnered with FreeWill to make sure that you have a free way to do so!


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“I have been trying to access resources for my wife for many years. She served in the Army and has struggled with mental health, physical health and employment issues. Thankfully we were finally able to get her connected to the help she needs. Once she got the help it hit me that I’ve been struggling all these years too. And it wasn’t until I connected with QRF that I realized how hard it’s been to find support for myself. Thank you QRF for showing me that there are resources out there for me too! Through QRF I’ve been able to connect with a support group and I feel empowered to focus on myself and my own health, which has truly been life changing for our family.”

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Call 855-91-RAPID for immediate peer support.



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