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IAVA | November 30, 2018

Read: GI Bill fiasco

We’re closing an epic Veterans Month today with some infuriating news. Vets are still experiencing problems with their GI Bill payments from the VA. 

Just in time for the holidays.

It’s shameful.

Here’s the latest on this outrageous failure:

Paul Rieckhoff on NBC Nightly News

Daily Show
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah — The V.A. Is Screwing Over Veterans

This entire mess only underscores why IAVA made #DefendTheGIBill one of our BIG 6 Advocacy Priorities for 2018.

And it shows why IAVA exists. We’re sounding the alarm, educating America, informing the media, providing data and driving the VA and White House to fix it. We’re fighting back.

This debacle shows why IAVA’s watchdog role is so critical. We’ll never stop standing guard to#DefendTheGIBill – just as we have since we helped pass it back in 2008.

As always, we’re also filling in the gaps on the ground nationwide to help any vets or family members in need. Any vet experiencing financial hardship can reach out for free support now from our Rapid Response Referral Program. When the VA drops the ball, IAVA will step up. If you or a vet you know has been impacted, send them our way.

We’ve got your back.

But we can’t do it alone. Your support makes our work possible. And helps us demand action and accountability.

If you haven’t already, demand action now.

And if you haven’t yet, please make a reoccurring donation this holiday season. Your support helps us hold the line for vets now and always. As we defend the GI Bill, fight suicide, support women vets, reform the VA, tackle burn pits, fight for medical cannabis and much more.

We’ll keep you updated here and on social media about all the latest on this GI Bill payment mess.

And we won’t let up now – or ever.



PS: If you want to get more involved, apply now for Storm The Hill Q4 and help us drive change in Washington. We need the best leaders from our community to show the politicians that were not a charity, we’re an investment. And we are #VetsRising.

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