Abby Malchow
Being a veteran means everything to me. I am both proud and humble because the Navy got me to where I am today and has made me a better person.
Ksenia Voropaeva
I served as a logistician with the United States Air Force (in Japan, Greenland and Germany). Now, I am studying nonprofit management and organizational development and aspire to promote new paths for social good in the future.
Maran Shaker
I served in the US Army as Combat Medic in Afghanistan, Germany, and South Korea. Now I am completing my graduate research in Biomedical Sciences and pursuing a career as a physician.
Nick Colgin
I served in Afghanistan with the Army. Now I take some of the most disabled veterans to the top of the largest and most dangerous mountains around the world to help them realize that whatever is inside of them is stronger than what's in their way.
Roman Baca
I served in Fallujah, Iraq with the United States Marine Corps. I started a dance company after returning in 2007 to inspire, empower, and bring together veterans, civilians, children, and people affected by war.
De’Cha Laveau
I was a Radioman in the US Navy. Now, as a TV host and producer, I have a bigger megaphone for raising awareness about veterans issues.
Jessica van Dop DeJesus
In 2006, I left Marine Corps active duty. Now, I run a food blog, The Dining Traveler, which helped launch my career as a travel media specialist.
Operation Unite America
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