Seeking a Highly Esteemed Practitioner of the Salesforce Arts

At  IAVA we believe we have been building one of the coolest and most innovative Salesforce teams around. We use Salesforce as the backbone of everything IAVA does to support and empower veterans, including our cutting-edge veteran-only community “myIAVA” built on the Communities platform. along with many other innovative uses. You can see an example of our work featured on this Salesforce promotional video as well as this video tour of one of the many ways we use the system.

We’re also really excited about our recent reorganization into a “product team” structure. Bringing a product management focus to the way we build, develop, and maintain our systems has already been a game-changing innovation for us. It just clicks, works better for everyone, and has improved our overall level of impact.

We’re now ready to expand our team carefully and intentionally, by finding the special type of person with the mix of skills, personality, and instincts. It’s that certain mix of skills, experience, team player-ness, big picture thinking, and meticulous detail obsession. It’s the person with admin skills, communication skills, training experience, planning orientation, data cleanup appetite… all the things that give someone that special ability to lead an organization through the zillion complexities and nuances required to make a Salesforce operation hum.

Here are some of the qualities we’re seeking:

  • Admin skills – Ideally we’d love someone with advanced admin skills who can take our game to the next level on day one. We’ve got some solid Salesforce admin and development expertise around, but we seek to surround ourselves with people who are smarter, better, and more skilled than us. That said, we also believe that mindset, work ethic, and hunger to learn are more important than initial skillset.
  • Training and support – We place a lot of importance on training and supporting users at a high level. Training well requires a nuanced set of skills from planning to communication to patience and beyond. We’re looking for someone who takes pride in careful, conscientious training and support of their colleagues.
  • Data cleanup and migration – It’s detailed, painstaking, care-and-caution-filled work. And yet it’s bizarrely satisfying for the right person. A high art and a sacred duty.
  • Focus on making it work – We are excited about those breakthrough moments when stuff really starts to work, and we’ll explore any avenue to make it happen. Sometimes it’s in the code, sometimes it’s the processes, sometimes the architecture, sometimes it’s the strategy. We want someone with broad interests, who looks at problems from every angle, who has an appetite and patience for getting it right, revisiting, constantly improving.
  • Other important qualities:
    • Great patience and attention to detail
    • Really strong interpersonal skills
    • Team player
    • Appetite and ability to train and mentor other staff on the team who are upskilling
    • Orientation towards teaching (when appropriate) rather than just doing it for someone
    • Refusal to let details slip through the cracks


Here are some of the reasons we think it’s a great opportunity:

  • Honestly, we’re doing some really, really cool stuff! That includes our cutting edge Communities platform called myIAVA, cool integrations like policy app, AIRs, running the entire organization’s processes through Salesforce.
  • We are structured as a product team, which is frankly really cool and has been working really well. Basically it means that (ideally) we are carefully and thoughtfully building and maintaining a suite of products that fit the targeted needs of the organization. (Look up product management if you’re curious for more details on what this is about.)
  • The organization is fully invested in Salesforce as the backbone of its work and has invested deeply in the technology, team, and external support.
  • Our team is made up of dedicated, thoughtful, process-oriented people, always focused on improving our function and our team culture.
  • We place a high emphasis on mentorship and support, both from our internal team and from external experts.
  • IAVA’s cutting-edge work gets featured regularly by Salesforce, both in promotional videos and at the annual Dreamforce conference. It’s probably fair to say that in many ways we’re at the cutting-edge end of the spectrum with how we use the platform.
  • Our organization’s work has great purpose, and every day we see reminders of its importance via our online community.
  • We get to build cool products, make innovative plans, invent cool things, and be both disciplined and creative.

Here are some reasons it might not be a fit for everyone:

  • The organization is really fast-paced and can be intense and high pressure at times!
  • We try to maintain regular, healthy working hours but there are definitely all-hands-on-deck moments.
  • We have an established calendar, but we juggle priorities regularly based on real urgency and real importance.

So that about describes it. If you’re this type of person you probably recognize what we’re describing here. You deserve a job worthy of your talents and we think and hope we can provide that. Or if you would like to become this kind of rockstar and you’re not there yet, you might thrive in an environment like the one we have at IAVA, that will demand all your creativity and smarts and bring out your very best while creating digital products that really help real people. Either way we’d love to talk to you and see where it leads!



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