Referral Survey


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your RRRP experience. This survey should take only a few minutes to complete.

NOTE: Your Veteran Transition Manager will NOT see your ratings.

INSTRUCTIONS: In the appropriate section below, please rate the program to which you were referred and, separately, your Veteran Transition Manager on each of the following categories: Quality, Timeliness, Effectiveness, and Customer Service. Definitions for each are included below.

Please also feel free to elaborate or to share any additional feedback or comments in the space provided.

Quality – Overall ability of the program to deliver the service provided. Did the program meet your needs? Would you use the program again, if needed?
Timeliness – How quickly did the referred program respond to you? Did it fit the timeline promised, or appropriate to your issue?
Effectiveness – How effective was the referred program in helping resolve your problem?
Customer Service – How accessible and friendly was the point of contact at the program to which you were referred? Were you treated with respect?

Veteran Transition Manager:
Quality – Overall, how supportive was the transition manager? How able was he/she to assess your needs and make appropriate referrals? Would you reach out to him/her again?
Timeliness – Did the transition manager respond in a timely manner, according to your needs and the timeline she/he laid out for you?
Effectiveness – How effective was the veteran transition manager in resolving your problem or directing you to the right resource?
Customer Service – How accessible and respectful was your veteran transition manager? Would you feel comfortable calling him/her again?

Referral Survey

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