RRRP: From local pilot to national impact

The Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP) is IAVA’s high-tech, high-touch case management and referral services program. We call it RRRP because it rips through the bureaucracy–it’s help without the hassle. Since its launch as a pilot program in New York City in December 2012, RRRP has grown into a respected national program making big impacts in the lives of veterans and their families.

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RRRP’s qualified Case Managers act as transition navigators and advocates, assisting veterans to identify and access top benefits and services, both governmental and nongovernmental, for example, the Semper Fi Fund, Operation PAVE, TAPS, the Veterans Crisis Line, Salute, Inc., VA Vet Centers, and more. Importantly, we take clients with all discharge statuses, including those whose status might otherwise make receiving benefits difficult.

How It Works

Veterans in need reach out to RRRP via an online Digital Intake Form and are contacted by RRRP within 1-2 business days. During the comprehensive intake, veterans are asked questions about their current situation and needs. They are then matched with a permanent case manager, who identifies and makes referrals to quality resources and services. Case managers also advocate on behalf of veterans as needed, reaching out to service providers and other key players to problem solve or cut through red tape. Once all needs have been addressed, the case is closed, but veterans can reach back out at any time for further assistance. Veterans also gain access to all else that IAVA has to offer–from VetTogethers, to leadership development opportunities, to other transition programs and tools.

Our Impact:

  • Served over 9,600 veterans and their families from all 50 states and internationally
  • Provided more than 19,500 hours of personalized transition support
  • Made over 12,000 referrals to quality resources; the most common issues relate to financial needs, mental health, employment, housing and homelessness
  • Connected more than 300 veterans in crisis to the Veteran Crisis Line
  • Delivered top notch customer service, rating 4.8 out of 5 stars on average

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What Clients Are Saying:

“After talking with you I don’t feel so ashamed having to ask for help.”​

“Thanks so much brother, I am literally alive because of you today.”​

“My case manager has been an extremely important asset in my journey through this battle with mental health and the VA system. She reminds me of things I have told her long ago that I even forgot about. She listens and is a sincere and hard working person that connected me with the right resources that changed my life.”

“I was literally at the point where I had lost all hope. I had never been so low for so long. And then my case manager stepped in and got me the support that I had been searching for, for way too long. Without that help, my life would still be in shambles.”

“My case manager takes the time to understand my complicated needs and issues. The support she provides me has made the biggest positive impact on me since I transitioned out of the military.”​

RRRP has also received national media coverage, such as this piece featuring RRRP case manager and combat veteran Vadim Panasyuk.

Thanks to Our Funders

IAVA is changing and saving lives daily. This program is currently funded by generous grants from Cigna Foundation, The Resnick Family Foundation, and The Kahlert Foundation, Inc. Thank you for your continued support.