Peer Support

Peer Support

There is no weakness in needing a peer to talk to. QRF is here 24/7/365 to provide peer-to-peer support. Talk with a veteran today.

At QRF we understand the importance and value in having a fellow veteran to talk with. Whether it’s to celebrate good news or to make it through the day or the night, QRF will connect you with immediate peer support 24/7/365. You’re not alone and there is support and help out there, regardless of the challenges you may be facing.

Reach Out 24/7

Connect with a fellow veteran on our QRF team who can listen and help.

Didn't find the resource you need?

Check out PATRIOTlink, a free tool with thousands of vetted resources to meet your needs.


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“Getting connected with 24/7 around the clock peer support has been life changing! I had no idea how much it would help to have someone on tap at any hour of the day to listen and support me. Access to this unique support has empowered me to finally make some really important changes in my life. Thank you QRF!”

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Call 855-91-RAPID for immediate peer support.



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