Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance

Legal issues can be complicated, confusing and incredibly overwhelming and QRF is here for any veteran in need of legal support.

At QRF we understand the strain and stress of trying to locate legal help and can point you in the right direction with a variety of resources including county and state bar associations, state and federal legal organizations, Veterans Treatment Courts and private attorneys to effectively meet the needs of our clients’ varying legal issues. Whether it’s related to criminal charges, civil cases, family law, eviction court, substance abuse issues, discharge upgrades, or anything else, QRF empowers clients to access the best possible legal representation.

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Call 855-91RAPID today. QRF’s services are all remote and easily accessible.

DADT Discharge Upgrade

Veterans discharged due to their sexual orientation under the “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy are now eligible to have their discharge paperwork corrected. IAVA, in partnership with The Gill Foundation, is here to help.



Didn't find the resource you need?

Check out PATRIOTlink, a free tool with thousands of vetted resources to meet your needs.


Thinking of the future?

Creating your will or trust is an important step in protecting the people and causes you care about. IAVA has partnered with FreeWill to make sure that you have a free way to do so!


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“I was completely overwhelmed by my legal issues by the time I found the QRF program. I had made some calls and reached out to a few contacts, but I really had no idea what to ask and where to look. QRF’s roadmap was exactly what I needed to get connected with the legal representation that best fit my situation.”

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