Afghan Evacuation

Afghan Evacuation

QRF is here to assist anyone advocating for Afghan allies still in Afghanistan with the most current resources to ensure the best possible advantage in their struggle to find safety and security for their families.

At QRF we understand the strain and stress of trying to navigate U.S. government procedures for immigration, Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), Humanitarian Parole and more. QRF can provide guidance and case management to ensure our stranded Afghan allies are properly documented and well-poised to avail themselves of any changes in U.S. government policy that could provide them with a path to safety, security and economic stability.

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Assistance is available for veterans, veteran family members, Afghan allies already resettled in the U.S., and Afghan allies needing help emigrating from Afghanistan. Call 855-91RAPID today or click the “Get Help Here” button to the right to fill out our digital intake form. QRF’s services are all remote and easily accessible.

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“I was completely overwhelmed by my legal issues by the time I found the QRF program. I had made some calls and reached out to a few contacts, but I really had no idea what to ask and where to look. QRF’s roadmap was exactly what I needed to get connected with the legal representation that best fit my situation.”

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Call 855-91-RAPID for immediate peer support.



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