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IAVA CEO Allison Jaslow Comments on Senate Vote to Repeal Iraq War AUMF

March 29, 2023

“On March 20, 2003, U.S. troops crossed the Kuwaiti border, and our country went to war in Iraq. 20 years later, Congress’ repeal of the authorization for use of military force (AUMF) for the Iraq War is long overdue. 

The debate around the repeal of the AUMF has been an important one. We owe our fellow Americans serving in uniform, and their families, a thoughtful ongoing conversation about why we’re sending them into harm’s way. From the beginning of any war, until its very end, Congress should have clarity on what our strategic goals are. Our elected leaders should be relentlessly challenging and questioning whether these goals are being met and whether there’s still a national security imperative that requires US troops to be in the line of fire. And most of all, Congress definitely shouldn’t relinquish its war powers altogether and allow Presidents to send troops to fight threats unchecked. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what has happened over and over again in recent years. 

Today’s bipartisan vote in the Senate is a step in the right direction, and now it’s time for the House to do its job. Congress has shirked its responsibility to our troops and their families for too long by leaving open-ended authorizations of military force in place. It’s past time to change that.”

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