Maria Baer

Name: Maria Baer 
Branch: U.S. Army/ Army National Guard (last two years)
Years Served: 20
Rank: LTC
Military Occupation: 42H
Twitter Handle: TBD

Tell us a little about you outside of the military:

  • I currently serve as the Manager of Volunteer Programs at Mayo Clinic.
  • Outside of work, I dedicate my time to volunteering with Girls on the Run (GOTR) Minnesota, where I hold a board position and also coach within the Lewiston/Altura School District.
  • In my leisure time, I find joy in trail running, tending to my garden, and cherishing moments with my beloved dog.

Why are you joining the IAVA Cavalry?

  • I am eager to join because I possess a deep-seated passion for advocating on behalf of veterans, particularly in the areas where their voices often struggle to be heard.
  • Furthermore, I am motivated by the realization that many Americans lack a comprehensive understanding of the veterans’ landscape and the formidable challenges they encounter.

How did your military experience shape you to be the person you are today? 

Which one of IAVA’s policy priorities do you believe is the most pressing? Why?

  • While all issues are significant, given the ongoing complexities in global theaters, reforming the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations of Military Force appears to be the most urgent.
  • Following closely behind, I consider the inclusion of women in the Selective Service to be a crucial priority.

Which one of IAVA’s policy priorities do you have the strongest personal connection to? Why?

  • Incorporating women into the Selective Service is a matter I hold in high regard, as I strongly advocate for gender equity throughout all facets of the military.


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