Van Auken, Kate (JocelynBartone)

Kate Van Auken

Kate Van Auken, served in the Army Reserve for 25 years, achieving the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) and having mobilized or deployed over 8 years including: Iraq (2003-2005, 2010) and Afghanistan (2008-2009, 2011), Pentagon/NSA Security (2001-2002, Pentagon Army Operations Center (2005-2006), OSD-Defense POW & MIA Office (2010-2012), OSD-Joint IED Defeat Organization (20012-2013).  In 2013, she adopted a four-legged veteran, a black Labrador Retriever named Sergeant Rey (Retired Marine IED Detection Dog with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan).  Currently, they volunteer with a Veteran Service Dog training program (Dog T.A.G.S.) to help alleviate symptoms for service-members suffering from PTSD, TBI or MST.



Photo Courtesy of Jocelyn Bartone.