Julienne Williams

Senior Manager, Client Services

As Senior Manager, Client Services Julienne provides veterans and their families with referrals for social service resources which are able to address health, mental health, education, employment, legal, financial, homelessness and community, faith-based, and military support. Based in NYC Julienne works diligently with the Rapid Response Referral Program (RRRP) to ensure veterans are connected to all available resources. This includes engaging in outreach efforts by developing and strengthening partnerships in the veterans community.

Prior to joining IAVA, Julienne provided educational and crisis intervention and counseling to children and families/substance population in New York City, to include veterans. Julienne has over fifteen years experience as a professional counselor, program coordinator, child welfare worker, clinical case manager, crisis interventionist, and advocate serving various populations in nation-wide and in New York State. Julienne earned her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Walden University and her Bachelor’s Degree Fordham University, NY. Julienne is current pursing a second Master’s Degree in Social Work. Julienne continues to serve as a member of the military in New York.