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“This experience gave me a renewed confidence in being able to successfully find a career for me”

— Derek Theaker

VETS Rising Career PRISM Bootcamp Participant

IAVA’s Careers Program
supports veterans in all stages of their careers through tailored pathways to workplace success.

We use a combination of quality research, in-person and digital programming to connect veterans with top employers, industry experts, peer mentors, and best-in-class resources, and to provide them with more personalized support in meeting their goals. This is a new but unique program that is already proving itself: in follow-up surveys to our first #VetsRising Careers Bootcamp, respondents overwhelming said it was BETTER than any other veteran jobs event they’d attended and it led them to feel MORE confident in their career prospects.

If you are a Veteran seeking assistance in your career, join myIAVA today to connect with other veterans and learn about upcoming program opportunities.



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For extra benefits and membership to myIAVA, IAVA's trusted community, upload your DD214 or another official document confirming your deployment to a Post 9/11 combat zone.

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“Fantastic experience. Paul is inspiring. Matt is willing and helpful. Jess Apgar, the myIava person, had great advice.”

— Frank Asucion
Navy Veteran, IAVA Member

“Just a solid thank you for setting this up and the opportunity to come and be apart of it!”

— Daniel Lee
Army Veteran, IAVA Member

“I was used to going to events and receiving nothing but hot air. But with IAVA I actually received awesome nuggets of information.”

— Omar Nicasio
Army Veteran, IAVA Member

“I feel that other veteran career fairs make the assumption that every veteran want to work in law enforcement or private security. I feel IAVA know that veterans want to work in various fields.”

— Juan Vazquez
Marine Veteran, IAVA Member