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IAVA | November 27, 2017

IAVA Daily News Brief – November 27, 2017


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There is rich camaraderie formed by the shared purpose and challenge of armed service, and a solemn, and lasting, sacrifice is asked of all those we place into combat. The leaders of the military have a deep and genuine tough love for the wonderful young people they guide; they also bear the responsibility to recruit and sustain a quality all-volunteer force. All this naturally drives military leaders to amplify and emphasize the accolades of military service. | The Washington Post >>

Retired Maj. Gen. Erik Hearon, former assistant adjutant general and commander of the Mississippi Air National Guard, told the Clarion Ledger then that veterans are hurt by this because they can’t see these surgeons and taxpayers are hurt because they have to pay for veterans to receive care elsewhere. | Clarion Ledger >>

A Senate committee report sounded a warning on this problem three years ago, when it raised questions about deceptive practices in the industry. State attorneys general and federal agencies at the time were investigating seven for-profit outfits with significant revenue streams from the G.I. bill. Some of these schools have since been forced to shut down. | The New York Times >>

Iraq and Afghanistan

Iraq is to hold a press conference on Monday to announce details of the exploration blocks which are located in the south and east of the country and include one offshore block in the territorial waters, according to the statement. | Reuters >>

The IS terror group had reportedly planned to establish a “caliphate” in Afghanistan, according to General John Nicholson, commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan. He recently told VOA, “They declared that Jalalabad would be the capital and they would take over Nangarhar; they have failed.” | Voice of America >>

Iraq became the first major oil exporter to sign a financing program with the International Monetary Fund in 2016 for a three-year loan of $5.4 billion, as the drop in crude prices and the war against Islamic State militants battered public finances. Since then, Brent crude prices have rebounded to more than $60 a barrel and government forces have expelled extremist militants from the majority of their strongholds in the country. | Bloomberg >>

Military Affairs

“Today during our ruck march we were, like, directly across from each other and I would constantly look over at her,” Gabriella said of Kirsten. “We kinda just kept looking at each other and we’re, like, all right, we’re both doing it, we’re passing these guys and stuff. We definitely have goals to be better than the guys.” | Army Times >>

“We needed to be able to provide accurate medical consultation across the board of services,” said Neil, whose Columbia, Mo.-based reserve unit recently finished a nine-month rotation at Landstuhl. “There wasn’t really a program designed to do this. We weren’t using anything to do it.”  | Stars and Stripes >>

The move comes after scandals this spring that involved active-duty Marines sharing nude pictures of female colleagues on a series of military-themed web sites. One Marine faced 10 days in prison for his participation, and at least 30 others received some form of punishment for their involvement. | Military Times >>


When a homeless vet named “Johnny” came to the rescue of a woman stranded on Interstate 95 outside of Philadelphia last month, he returned with gas for her car purchased with the his last $20. Now, he has $319,000 and counting to his name. | Today >>

Alcohol producers play a bit part in all this. As of 2013, wineries, breweries, and distilleries employed a total of 40,341, 31,695, and 7,853 people, respectively. While the impact of distilleries, even within this sub-group of alcohol producers, is somewhat insignificant, the industry is expanding in a way unrecognized by U.S. Census statistics: veteran-owned and veteran-run businesses. | War on the Rocks >>

A veteran turned artist is spreading an important message in York County through his art. “We are a very violent society,” said Chris Darce, visiting artist at York College of Pennsylvania. Chris Darce is using his experience in the Air Force to start a conversation between parents and their children about violence. | Fox 43 >>

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