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IAVA | July 28, 2015

IAVA Daily News Brief – July 28, 2015

The Thunderbirds Delta Formation flies over Niagara Falls, N.Y., on July 20. The Thunderbirds Delta Formation flies over Niagara Falls, N.Y.| Military Times >>

Today’s Top Stories

Obama, in Ethiopia, Addresses South Sudan Conflict

For President Obama, the birth of South Sudan four years ago was the capstone of his Africa policy. | New York Times >>

U.S. troop withdrawal let Islamic State enter Iraq, military leaders say
A number of former and current military leaders who were in power when all U.S. troops left Iraq are saying today that the complete exit left the door open for the Islamic State’s land grab. | Washington Times >>

Obama aide outlines plan to close Gitmo
The White House’s chief counterterrorism official outlined the administration’s plan for closing the Guantánamo Bay detention facility and said the president hopes to do so before leaving office in 2017. | The Hill >>


A wedding in Afghanistan turned deadly Sunday night when a gunfight broke out, killing 21 people, an Afghan official said. | CNN >>

A drone fired two missiles on a vehicle carrying suspected militants in Lalpur district of Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province, adjacent to Shilman Valley in Khyber Agency. As a result of the strikes, at least five suspected militants were killed, including 2 Pakistani men. | Daily Times >>

Taliban forces captured and released more than 100 police officers in northeastern Afghanistan after taking away their weapons, according to officials. | UPI >>


The steady growth of Shiite militias in Iraq is making it increasingly difficult for American forces deployed there to determine exactly which Iraqi forces they are supporting, experts say. | Military Times >>

The U.S. has spent $3.21 billion as of July 15, spokesman Bill Urban said. Since the campaign against ISIS began on Aug. 6, the military operations have cost an average of $9.4 million per day.| The Hill >>

Iraq, the second-largest OPEC member, is boosting shipments as a worldwide glut driven by a U.S. shale boom prompts producers to pursue strategies to defend market share. | Bloomberg >>


The goal is to scale back the rigidity of today’s personnel system and create more leeway for officers to pursue individualized career tracks or even take time off in the civilian sector before returning to active duty and resuming a military career. | Military Times >>

At the end of Saturday’s services, Marines loaded his casket, covered by the flag, as dozens of other Marines and family looked on. Six motorcycles led Holmquist’s funeral procession to his final resting place. | >>

U.S. military planners had to solve a tricky problem: How do you stop a ruthless dictator from breaking the rules without resorting to ruthless tactics yourself? | We are the Mighty >>


While many veterans have returned home from Iraq and Afghanistan to open arms, one group of four-legged service members is still in search of a warm welcome. | NBC New York >>

The Vail Veterans Program is a volunteer organization and hosts wounded warriors and their families free of charge, provides rehabilitative sports programs to United States military personnel who have been severely injured. | Vail Daily >>

There’s a contest to become a zombie in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The proceeds will go to help with their mission to identify and fund the best-in-class organizations to place 25,000 veterans in jobs by the end of 2018. | Task and Purpose >>


The bipartisan legislation would build on the provision of the Veterans’ Access to Choice and Accountability Act, passed last summer, giving the VA secretary the power to remove upper management personnel for poor performance or misconduct. | The Hill >>

Lawmakers appear ready to ensure that the Department of Veterans Affairs has access to the money it needs to prevent a shutdown of its hospitals this August, but there will probably be strings attached. | Standard Times >>

The U.S. government has halted veterans’ enrollment at five more helicopter schools that have trained dozens of veterans at a cost of up to $150,000 each for two years – all billed to the government. | Los Angeles Times >>



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