Consulting Services for Thought Leaders

During their service, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans develop skills and qualities that are highly valued in civilian life. They take on great responsibilities, beginning with the lives of the men and women in their units. Some have managed budgets similar to the size of small companies, while others have filled equivalent roles to civilian doctors, journalists, and diplomats. This is a diverse population, with enormous potential to contribute to a wide range of industries.

We know that many companies understand the value of hiring veterans–for their demonstrated leadership, skills, and work ethic, and for the business tax incentives–but often struggle to identify the right veteran candidates, and to create veteran-friendly workplaces that are attractive to top veteran talent.


That’s where IAVA can help. We offer consultancy services to companies interested in bolstering their efforts to recruit, hire, develop, and retain top veteran talent. Our principals are experts in veteran employment and related issues; all are veterans, veteran family members, or have very strong personal mission connections. We support companies from discovery through recommendations for improved practices and policies, including providing training workshops and on-going coaching and advisement to key leadership. Services are tailored to your needs, but may include:

  • Assessment of existing policies and practices
  • Interviews with key stakeholders, e.g., veteran employees, senior leadership, HR
  • Strategy recommendations and advisement on: veteran recruitment and hiring; veteran-friendly policies and practices; veteran leadership development programs; leveraging technology in support of veteran recruitment and veteran employee support; and building cross-sector partnerships to advance veteran employment goals
  • Designing and leading relevant trainings and other workshops, e.g., related to military cultural competency, or supporting veterans national guard/reservists in the workplace
  • Support with USERRA laws and other legal issues related to veterans employment
  • Ongoing coaching and advisement to senior leadership

As the premiere nonprofit dedicated to supporting the newest generation of veterans, IAVA has over 425,000 members nationwide, a track record of championing veterans as a smart business investment, and of supporting both veterans and companies to maximize veteran potential in the workplace. We’re a recognized leader in leveraging tech innovation and community engagement for the benefit of veterans. We’ve worked with key leaders on Capitol Hill, at DoD, the VA, and the White House, and have testified and passed national employment legislation such as the Vow to Hire Heroes Act. We’ve focused national awareness on veteran unemployment, invested in research, and partnered with major organizations and companies nationwide to offer veterans career training and consultation, direct access to jobs, and more.

To learn more about our track record and principals, and to discuss how IAVA can help your company, contact Brendan at