Update! I Have a Primary Care Appointment!

I now have a primary care appointment at the VA. Their next available appointment was in the first week of February. Unfortunately, I’m drilling that week, so I took the first one available the following week, on February 13. That’s a month away.

I wasn’t just enrolling to get a doctor. I have a doctor. I was enrolling to understand what I’m eligible for and to explore the VA health benefit. But, it seems this is the first step so I will go and see what it is all about. I’m also a bit confused because the application online said that I’d receive something in the mail explaining my benefits. Nothing like that has arrived yet.

I hope I don’t have to wait a full month to learn more. I am going to try to get my VA card next week. The person on the phone said I could go at any time, and to be prepared to wait in line…

I have the same sensation going through this process that I did in boot camp. I figured if I just followed directions, eventually it would all become clear to me. “Eventually” for boot camp meant 10 weeks later (Marine Corps Officer Candidates School), or even longer if you think about when I was actually ready to join the fleet after The Basic School and MOS school.

I’m hoping I can get some clarity faster than that!

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