This Week in RRRP: IAVA’s Premiere Transition Assistance Program

Assistance for Families

One thing that differentiates RRRP from other veteran services is the program’s ability to work with veterans and /or their families. These requests for services come to RRRP in different ways: the sibling of a veteran might call asking for substance abuse assistance for her brother; a spouse who has been a caregiver to her disabled veteran husband might want caregiver assistance for herself; a veteran and his or her spouse might need help finding affordable housing for both of them; the parent of a veteran who died from suicide might want therapy for herself. RRRP’s Veteran Transition Managers will do a thorough assessment to see how we can best help the family or family member.

In some cases separate Veteran Transition Managers will work with different family members, who are all managing a stressor differently and all need their own assistance as a result. For example, one VTM might work with a mother who needs counseling support for herself due to the stress of worrying about her veteran son’s mental health needs, and a separate VTM working with the son to get him the treatment he needs. The VTMs ensure that all family members receive confidential care.

RRRP has worked hard to add resources for families to our vast database of quality service providers, and if we don’t already know where to send a family member we will work hard to find an appropriate program. Services like the VA’s Coaching into Care program or mental health assistance from Solders Project or local Vet Centers are wonderful go-to resources for families


Client quote of the week

“I can’t find the words to describe their service to me and my family,” from RRRP client referring to family resource provided by VTM. “[The VTM] quickly got us a second referral immediately after we did not qualify to our first referral…Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – Anonymous Client

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