The Week in RRRP: IAVA’s Premiere Transition Assistance Program

The Power of Partnerships Means Benefits Received

The Oscar win for the film “Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1” on Sunday in the category of Documentary Short shined a spotlight on of RRRP’s strongest partners, the Veterans Crisis Line. Since the nature of RRRP is to facilitate referrals for veterans to needed resources, the power of our partnerships is something we take seriously. The VCL is a prime example of a strong partnership in action. Because RRRP is not set-up as a crisis hotline, if a veteran contacts RRRP in a suicidal crisis, we immediately and directly contact the VCL, telling them we are calling from IAVA’s RRRP, and then are able to connect the VCL to the veteran on the spot. The VCL counselor, trained specifically in suicide intervention, takes it from there. It is one of our most valuable partnerships.

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We have many other solid partners who work in concert with us, and we assess our resources before sending veterans to them, knowing how much of a difference it makes to handoff someone directly to a quality resource you know will help. Other examples of organizations we trust include the Jericho Project, who helps our NYC veterans with housing needs, the New York Legal Assistance Group, who we can call with any legal question, and People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) in Los Angeles, who also help veterans in housing crises. All of this translates into something we at RRRP call benefits received. This means that a veteran or one of our partner agencies has reported back to us that the veteran we referred has received the benefit, which is our ultimate goal. Last week RRRP reached a major milestone in that we reached 1,000 benefits received! This is significant for a young case management program. With most similar programs, we know that our actual impact is greater as many people do not report back to us having received what they needed and moved on. It was a successful week for RRRP and its partners!

Client Quote of the Week

“Hannah has been doing a great job giving me leads and referrals to lawyers and legal services in the area. I only wish I had contacted your group sooner.”

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