RRRP Weekly Report January 12, 2018


RRRP client quote of the week:  
“[VTM] was wonderful! She called me the very next day when I was assigned to her and she took the time to explain to me the whole process. She did not set any expectations that was not attainable and she was very transparent. Her transparency was very refreshing. I would highly recommend her to any service member or veteran who needs assistance. Hooraaah to [VTM]!!!”


RRRP continues to receive inquiries related to unemployment/ underemployment, and requests for legal assistance relating to VA benefits issues, discrimination and bankruptcy. RRRP continues to assist veterans seeking assistance utilizing VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) services. Emergency financial assistance needs continue to dominate requests, as many clients are struggling with basic need costs like rent, mortgage, utilities, and vehicle repairs, gas, food, and home repairs. Many clients seeking financial assistance are also inquiring about employment support and report that their financial and employment struggles are directly related to underlying service-connected general health and mental health issues. We continue to be contacted by veterans seeking assistance submitting their initial VA disability claims or upgrades, as well as those seeking access to VA healthcare and mental health services.

Overall Impact Metrics:
Total Cases: 8,478
All Referrals: 10,035
Total Benefits Received: 1,990
RRRP Customer Service Rating: 4.59
RRRP Partner Quality Rating: 4.13
Average Client Stress Level at Intake: 4.31
Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusion: -0.70
(* On a scale of 1 to 5)

RRRP Gender Breakdown:
79% male
21% female

RRRP Client Average Age: 40

Weekly Caseload Metrics:
New Cases This Week: 15
New Referrals This Week: 24

Top 5 Referral Areas:
Financial Assistance: 11
Health Care: 3
Education: 2
Housing: 2
Suicide and Mental Health: 2

Top 3 Programs Referred to this Week:
Operation First Response
Veterans Crisis Line (VCL)
CFPB Financial Coach – Tele-Coaching

Referral Partner Highlight:  Operation Second Chance was established in 2005 and focuses on providing aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers, assists with modification of housing to accommodate disabled veterans and provides overall financial assistance to help facilitate the transition of our wounded veterans and their families as they transition back into civilian society. Priority for assistance is given to veterans whose injuries are combat related and in order to be eligible, the veteran has to have deployed post 9/11/01, served no less than six months of active duty and needs to have at least a 70% VA service-connected disability rating. Operation Second Chance provides emergency financial assistance for a wide range of needs, from rent and mortgage payments, groceries, utility bills, to childcare during illness or surgery, housing and/or airfare for a family member to assist an injured or recovering veteran or service member. In addition, this amazing organization recognizes the impact that military service and deployments have on families and provides retreats and day trips for families, caregiver spa days, family bowling nights and so much more. One of our most trusted and frequently utilized partners, Operation Second Chance has received more than 200 referrals from RRRP and has been able to successfully intervene and provide critical and life-changing assistance to help our clients get their lives back on track.

Total Referrals by Referral Type  


Gender Breakdown

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VTM Customer Service

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Average Partner Program Quality Rating

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Average Stress Level at Intake

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Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusionunnamed (5)

Record Count – Open Cases by Location

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Total Cases (veterans and family members) Opened by Week (Last 4) unnamed (7)

Cases by Month for last 12 months

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Number of Referrals to Program Partners in Last 4 Weeks

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Number of referrals in the past week

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