RRRP Spotlight: Financial Need

Every day RRRP receives calls from vets in need of financial assistance; most of the time it’s related to housing, with the caller trying to stave off eviction while getting out from under bills.

Sometimes vets need a little extra help with a utility payment or a car payment, and sometimes the caller wants assistance with budgeting to prevent falling behind.

When veterans leave the military, where their housing and basic needs were taken care of, they are thrusted into the civilian world without employment and sometimes even the skills to manage money. This means they can face significant challenges. For veterans who are able to work, finding a job that pays well and that utilizes their skills appropriately isn’t always easy. If a veteran is unable to work, waiting for VA disability payments and social security income to kick in can take awhile. What do you do in the meantime? Try to stay afloat and ahead of payments, which does not always work.

When we get calls from veterans who need financial assistance we do a thorough assessment of their financial picture and their needs. The RRRP team has knowledge of a vast array organizations trying to help veterans get on and stay on their feet. These groups include those working with women vets to state-run funds and organizations that assist disabled vets.

We will refer veterans to the organizations best positioned to help them. For example, if a veteran meets the income requirements and is facing eviction, they could qualify for financial assistance from the VA’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families program, which provides financial assistance and budgeting related to housing. For other needs we can contact the Semper Fi Fund, which provides emergency assistance to post 9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured vets and their families. Operation First Response also provides emergency financial aid to wounded vets, and Operation Homefront helps vets with food assistance, auto and home repair, travel, moving assistance, and more.

At RRRP we also stress the importance of prevention, so whenever appropriate we encourage vets to check out our partners at ClearPoint, who have created a personalized online budgeting tool specifically for IAVA users. You can access it here:

“I finally feel like my life is getting back on track.  Thank you for everything you and your organization does for us veterans!”


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