IAVA Leading the Way in the Media at Republican National Convention

This week, IAVA had a team on the ground at the RNC in hopes of focusing the candidates and delegates on issues affecting veterans and service members.

We had a really busy week at the RNC and got a chance to talk to a lot of different outlets about the issues veterans want and need to talk about in the presidential race. Below are just a few highlights of the week:

Paul Rieckhoff, CEO and Founder of IAVA, & Tom Porter, IAVA’s Legislative Director, both contributed to insightful articles about veterans being the assailants in the recent police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Paul Rieckhoff was also on CNN and MSNBC discussing the election with Carol Costello & Rachel Maddow–specifically how veterans want real substance from the candidates when it comes to the issues effecting our community.

Allison Jaslow, IAVA’s Chief of Staff, contributed to a story by Financial Times hitting on the presidential election and the need for more focus on veterans issues.

Jonathan Schleiffer, IAVA’s Policy Director, weighed in on the way veterans are depicted in the most recent season of “Orange is the New Black”.

Stay tuned for what’s to come next week when we hit the streets of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia!

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