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IAVA | June 3, 2015

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On Monday, the VA reported that the disability compensation claims backlog has decreased by more than 5,000 claims since last week. However, there are still more than 140,000 veterans in the backlog, meaning they have been waiting more than 125 days for a claim decision. The number of total pending claims decreased as well, by about 8,500. Overall, almost 407,000 veterans are waiting for pending VA claims.

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To eliminate the VA backlog by the end of FY 2015, the VA must reduce the number of backlogged claims by about 3,400 per week. Since March of 2013, the backlog has been reduced by almost 78%, with about 4,200 claims processed weekly. The number of appeals continues to grow, however, with almost 304,000 veterans now waiting on appeals decisions.


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