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IAVA | October 16, 2017

Read: RRRP Weekly Report October 6, 2017

In 2012, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America saw a need to create a safety net for transitioning veterans to connect them to the extensive, but often fragmented, network of support systems and resources available to them. The Rapid Response Referral Team has connected over 8,100 veterans to more than 9,500 resources. Unfortunately, the needs of today’s veterans remain high. 


RRRP client quote of the week:  

“I appreciate that you have kept in contact and checked in on me. It has been really helpful to me to have someone that I can talk to about how to navigate through the VA but also making sure I take care of myself. You really have been a lifeline for me in all of this. I really appreciate you and the work that you do.”


Clients continue seeking assistance initiating the VA disability claims process, as well as locating local VSO for assistance with appeals. Education benefit issues this week include BAH and Voc Rehab payment delays, impacting clients’ ability to pay living costs. Substantial increase in emergency financial assistance needs  this week, as many clients are struggling with basic need costs like rent, utilities and food. Clients affected by hurricanes are reaching out for financial assistance and overall support finding their new normal. Clients are also seeking advocacy and assistance with their current MH providers in the VA system.  Clients seeking employment services are reaching out for career guidance, resume assistance, employment and small business loan resources.

Overall Impact Metrics:
Total Cases: 8,169
All Referrals: 9,551
Total Benefits Received: 1,923
RRRP Customer Service Rating: 4.60
RRRP Partner Quality Rating: 4.14
Average Client Stress Level at Intake: 4.31
Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusion: -0.73
(* On a scale of 1 to 5)

RRRP Gender Breakdown:
79% male
21% female

RRRP Client Average Age: 40

Weekly Caseload Metrics:
New Cases This Week: 15
New Referrals This Week: 22

Top 5 Referral Areas:

  • Financial Assistance: 9
  • Suicide and Mental Health: 5
  • Client advocacy: 2
  • Community: 1
  • Disability Claims: 1

Top 3 Programs Referred to this Week:
America’s Fund
Veterans Crisis Line
Salute. Inc

Referral Partner Highlight: Semper Fi Fund/America’s Fund
Semper Fi Fund, which was founded in 2004 by Marine veteran spouses, provides critical support for most seriously injured post 9/11 veterans from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces by providing resources and assistance to facilitate successful transitions back to civilian life. Semper Fi Fund offers a multitude of support, including financial assistance, adaptive housing and transportation, education and career transition assistance, and family programs providing $157 million in assistance to more than 19,000 veterans and their families. One of our most frequently utilized and trusted partners, Semper Fi Fund has received more than 330 referrals from RRRP and has been able to successfully intervene and dramatically change the trajectory of many of our client’s lives.

Total Referrals by Referral Type



Gender Breakdown

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VTM Customer Service

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Average Partner Program Quality Rating

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Average Stress Level at Intake

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Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusion

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Record Count – Open Cases by Location

unnamed (6)


Total Cases (veterans and family members) Opened by Week (Last 4)

unnamed (7)


Cases by Month for last 12 months

unnamed (8)


Numbers of Referrals to Program Partners in Last 4 Weeks

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Number of referrals in the past week

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