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IAVA | May 18, 2018

Read: RRRP Weekly Report May 11

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RRRP client quote of the week:

“I genuinely appreciate the RRRP Program and all those who graciously give their time and effort to attempt to improve the quality of life and empower the IAVA Veterans. I am thankful for RRRP!”

RRRP continues to receive inquiries related to unemployment/underemployment, and requests for legal assistance relating to VA benefits issues and discharge upgrades. RRRP continues to assist veterans seeking assistance utilizing their Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits and VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) services. Emergency financial assistance needs continue to dominate requests, as many clients are struggling with basic need costs like rent, mortgage, utilities, groceries, vehicle repairs, gas, and home repairs. Many clients seeking financial assistance are also inquiring about employment support and report that their financial and employment struggles are directly related to underlying service-connected general health and mental health issues. We continue to be contacted by veterans seeking assistance submitting their initial VA disability claims or upgrades, as well as those seeking access to VA healthcare and mental health services.

Overall Impact Metrics:

  • Total Cases: 8,704
  • All Referrals: 10,340
  • Total Benefits Received: 2,060
  • RRRP Customer Service Rating*: 4.61
  • RRRP Partner Quality Rating*: 4.14
  • Average Client Stress Level at Intake*: 4.30
  • Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusion: -0.68
  • (* On a scale of 1 to 5)

YTD 2018 Impact Metrics:

  • Cases: 242
  • Referrals: 356
  • Female Veterans Served: 23
  • Veteran Family Members Served: 6
  • Clients At Risk of Homelessness: 14
  • VCL Connections: 13
  • RRRP Customer Service Rating: 4.85
  • Case Origin:
    • 91Rapid: 61
    • Email: 139
    • myIAVA: 42

RRRP Gender Breakdown:

  • 79% male
  • 21% female

RRRP Client Average Age: 40

Weekly Metrics:

  • New Cases This Week: 9
  • New Referrals This Week: 11
  • Top 3 Referral Areas:
    • Community: 2
    • Financial Assistance: 6
    • Suicide & Mental Health: 3

Top 3 Programs Referred to this Week:

  • Warrior 360
  • Veterans Crisis Line
  • Salvation Army of Jacksonville – Food Assistance

Referral Partner Highlight: Headstrong
Headstrong was founded in 2012 through a partnership with Weill Cornell Medicine, one of the nation’s leading mental health care centers, to offer cost-free mental health treatment with experienced clinicians for post 9/11 veterans. Headstrong’s comprehensive treatment program assists veterans dealing with PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression, trauma, grief and loss, and anger management and also provides support groups for loved ones. Veterans reaching out to Headstrong will receive contact within 48 hours and are matched with leading clinicians in their area. Headstrong has worked with over 600 veterans and is currently available in the New York Metro area, Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, Ithaca, Albany, San Diego and Riverside County, L.A., Houston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs and has plans to expand to additional cities. RRRP has connected nearly 30 veterans to this best-in-class and life-saving mental health resource.

Total Referrals by Referral Type
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Gender Breakdown
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VTM Customer Service
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Average Partner Program Quality Rating
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Average Stress Level at Intake
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Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusion
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Record Count – Open Cases by Location
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Total Cases (veterans and family members) Opened by Week (Last 4)
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Cases by Month for last 12 months
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Number of Referrals to Program Partners in Last 4 Weeks

Number of referrals in the past week
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