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IAVA | June 22, 2018

Read: RRRP Weekly Report June 15

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RRRP client quote of the week:

“This was truly an amazing experience working with my case manager. Very professional and great one-on-one advocacy.”

RRRP processed 10 new cases this week and provided 10 new referrals for clients. Financial assistance, employment, and legal needs were the top areas clients sought support and assistance with. RRRP also had inquiries for assistance with getting connected to mental health support and connected one new client to the Veterans Crisis Line, a life saving mental health resource. Clients continue to report a reduction in stress after working with RRRP’s Veteran Transition Managers. RRRP’s overall customer service rating went up last week.

Overall Impact Metrics:

  • Total Cases: 8,750
  • All Referrals: 10,423
  • Total Benefits Received: 2,078
  • RRRP Customer Service Rating*: 4.61
  • RRRP Partner Quality Rating*: 4.14
  • Average Client Stress Level at Intake*: 4.30
  • Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusion: -0.69
  • (* On a scale of 1 to 5)

YTD 2018 Impact Metrics:

  • Cases: 288
  • Referrals: 439
  • Female Veterans Served: 26
  • Veteran Family Members Served: 8
  • Clients At Risk of Homelessness: 20
  • VCL Connections: 16
  • RRRP Customer Service Rating: 4.86
  • Case Origin:
    • Web Intake Form: 19
    • 91Rapid: 62
    • Email: 150
    • myIAVA: 57

RRRP Gender Breakdown:

  • 79% male
  • 21% female

RRRP Client Average Age: 40

Weekly Metrics:

  • New Cases This Week: 10
  • New Referrals This Week: 10
  • Top 5 Referral Areas:
    • Financial Assistance: 4
    • Employment: 2
    • Legal: 2
    • Suicide & Mental Health: 1
    • Client Advocacy: 1

Top 3 Programs Referred to this Week:

  • Operation PAVE
  • National Veterans Legal Services Program (NVLSP)
  • Operation Military Embrace

Referral Partner Highlight: Operation Military Embrace
Operation Military Embrace (OME) shapes their work with OIF and OEF veterans from a unique perspective: by remembering Vietnam. OME is dedicated to ensuring that this era of veterans are treated with respect and are cared for in ways that many Vietnam veterans were not. They achieve this through their continuous efforts of increasing public awareness around the challenges many veterans and their families face, as well as providing direct financial support and morale building support. OME assists injured and/or seriously ill active duty military personnel and/or their families as well as medically separated or retired military personnel and/or their families up to 10 years after honorable separation across all branches. Service members injured in a training accident, an accident while on leave or an accident of any type while on active duty are also eligible for consideration for assistance from OME. Support is focused on caregivers and those waiting for VA disability claims to come through by providing financial assistance for daily essentials for veterans and families in need. RRRP has connected 15 veterans and their families with this amazing organization that has stepped in to provide critical and life-changing support.

Total Referrals by Referral Type
referrals by type

Gender Breakdown
gender breakdown

VTM Customer Service
vtm customer service

Average Partner Program Quality Rating
avg partner program quality

Average Stress Level at Intake
avg stress at intake

Average Reduction in Stress Level at Conclusion
avg reduction in stress

Record Count – Open Cases by Location
cases by location

Total Cases (veterans and family members) Opened by Week (Last 4)
cases by week

Cases by Month for last 12 months
cases by month

Number of Referrals to Program Partners in Last 4 Weeks

Number of referrals in the past week
referrals past week

If you or someone you know is looking for resources or support, RRRP’s Veteran Transition Managers are ready to assist. For more information please reference our FAQ page.

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