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IAVA | December 8, 2016

Read: President-Elect Trump Holds Rally in North Carolina

Tuesday night, President-Elect Donald Trump held a rally in North Carolina as part of his “USA Thank You Tour 2016.” During this rally, PEOTUS Trump made comments and promises directly affecting both the veteran and military communities.

PEOTUS Trump said that an announcement about leadership of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is forthcoming and could be expected sometime next week. This means, by next week, we could know who the next Secretary of the VA will be and just who it is IAVA and our partner VSOs will work with to ensure quality healthcare and benefits are offered and provided to our nation’s 22 million veterans and families.

PEOTUS Trump also promised a “change like you’ve never seen before” at the VA and the “right to see a doctor when lines are long” will be provided. This promise seems to be a departure from the 10-point plan PEOTUS Trump laid out this summer which included a provision to “ensure every veteran has the choice to seek care at the VA or at a private service provider of their own choice.” This newer language seems more in line with the current practice at VA–allowing community care providers to fill gaps and integrate care when needed.

PEOTUS Trump also promised to end sequestration, the automatic and arbitrary budget cuts passed into law in 2011 which are a real threat to veterans’ benefits and care, as well services for military families.

To watch the full North Carolina rally and hear PEOTUS Trump’s remarks on veterans and the military, watch here.

PEOTUS will continue his “USA Thank You Tour 2016” with rallies in Des Moines, IA today and Baton Rouge, LA and Grand Rapids, MI tomorrow. IAVA will continue to track his comments in anticipation of a possible announcement as soon as next week that will impact our community. More to come.

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